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From Prayer Mountain, to the gigantic Ten Commandments, to the All Nations Cross,

GOD'S WORD UNFOLDS..Come to the mountains...CATCH THE VISION!

     The entrance gate to Prayer Mountain provides a striking view of the park.  Three hundred twenty steps lead up to the mountain depicting the restoration of the Church since the 16th century.

     This segment of the tour was the most challenging to present effectively.  We will take you atop Prayer Mountain a segment at a time, a 'segment' being a section of markers that can be identified by one photo, then up a level, and showing the 'next segment', until reaching the top of this awesome section.  NOTE: You can drive to the top by taking the road that starts just to the left of the Hidden Treasures Gift Shop/Sold Rock Cafe' yet when we walked to the top, it was quite amazing, myself being overweight, arriving at the Alter at the top, I was NOT out of breath as would be expected.  Be it because of the natural pause to read each marker, or maybe just the effect on one of this much scripture being absorbed (which can not return void),  I was just so in awe of being surrounded by God's Word, physical stress was not evident.  Now by no means are we telling anyone just disregard all health situations, and each person should use their own judgment, and if in doubt, hop in the car and meet the more 'adventurous' atop at the alter!

     Ready to start up Prayer Mountain??? Click on the entrance gate in the photo above to begin!  (The entrance gate is in the bottom left corner of the photo above.

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