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From Prayer Mountain, to the gigantic Ten Commandments, to the All Nations Cross,

GOD'S WORD UNFOLDS..Come to the mountains...CATCH THE VISION!

Fields Of The Wood Bible Park Murphy, NC 
(249 Pages / 300+ Photos)


bulletClimb Ten Commandments Mountain!
bulletExperience The All Nations Cross!
bulletMountain Prayer Chapel
bulletSee Or Get Baptized In The Baptismal Pool!
bulletSee Golgotha!
bulletGo Inside Jesus' Tomb!
bulletVisit The Psalms Of Praise!
bulletHike The Nature Trails!
bulletClimb To The Top & Pray Atop Prayer Mtn!
bulletDelicious Burger Mountain Cafe!
bulletHidden Treasures Gift Shop!
bulletView Each Picnic Area!
bulletView The Duck Pond!

      Welcome to what proclaims as the 2003 NUMBER ONE FAMILY ATTRACTION IN THE ENTIRE SMOKIES AREA -  the Fields Of The Wood Bible Park, where God's Word is PROUDLY displayed amidst all God's creations.  The park is open year round from sunrise to sunset. and is FREE to all who enter the arch (just as SALVATION is freely given, bought by the blood of our precious SAVIOR when he laid down HIS LIFE for all.)

        My husband and I decided to do a virtual tour of this very special place after our visit, to share this awesome place with you and your family.  We, like many people, typically go on vacation every year to the same old place to do the same old things, yet never realized this  wonderful place existed, nor did we know the peacefulness and 'laid back' feeling that staying in the Murphy, NC area offers. Here you will find just the pure WORD OF GOD engraved in stone and laid out and proudly displayed across  acres of land for all to see and enjoy. 

     Whether you be a mom or dad, grandma or grandpa....we now live in a time when the 'world' has taken prayer out of our classrooms, the Ten Commandments out of some public places, so what better gift could you give your child or grandchild than to share God's Precious Word and the truth of Jesus' birth, crucifixion, death, and resurrection, who now reigns as the King Of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and is now, and forever will be, our one and ONLY way to eternal life with the Father and Himself in Heaven above? 

      Just barely over 100 miles from the hustle-bustle and crowds of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Dollywood and other attractions, let this be the year you make a difference in your precious family's life.  Let THIS be the year that you introduce you family and/or grandchildren to the FATHER, SON AND HOLY opposed to possibly mickey, daffy, ..and goofy!!!

     Don't forget to visit the Fields Of The Wood Worship (Chapel Church Of God Of Prophecy) across from the Bible Park! Click HERE to visit their official website for more info including service times!

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